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Welcome to Integrity Consultants

A holistic blend of primary and secondary research methodologies, qualitative and
quantitative data collection, contact us for our next study.

Offering Mystery Shopping, Video Shopping, Competitor Research, Market Research,
Customer-Based Surveys, Focus Groups, Business Verification, Merchandising, & Retail
Your Success Is Our Success®
Integrity Consultants

We are a fast growing company in the Market Research and Retail Marketing Industries

Offering market research and competitive intelligence services, including mystery shopping, video shopping,
competitor research, pricing studies, business verifications, surveys, focus groups, merchandising, and brand
ambassador programs.
No "cookie cutter" or "one-size fits all" programs. A holistic blend of qualitative and quantitative data collection,
primary and secondary research methodologies, each program is as unique as our Clients. Your Success is Our
Success! ®
Providing individualized program development and project management.
Utilizing brand monitoring strategies to gain insight into market trends and brand perception.
Developing clear, concise reports with thorough quality control and data verification measures, for an organized
and accurate representation and presentation of Client data.
With an extensive contractor database throughout the United states and Canada, Clients are assured that field
contractors will be those who are the best fit and most qualified to fit the individual needs of the Client.
Providing turn-key project management and logistics services to enhance the service offerings of other industry

At Integrity Consultants, we give each and every Client the benefit of direct communication with management to ensure
that Client needs are addressed during project development and throughout the execution of a project. Our staff
direct contact with both Clients and Shoppers to ensure that the data our Clients receive is a comprehensive
multi-use tool that can be used to monitor and measure the quality of products and services provided by employees at
the point of contact with customers and also for the development of training and reward programs. We assist our Clients
by providing, clear, concise, quantifiable data that can in turn be used to gain insight regarding customer and employee
satisfaction, brand perception, market trends, and the success of marketing campaigns. We offer a variety of services,
from data capture to business verifications and a wide variety of reporting options.

The professional staff at
Integrity Consultants is committed to providing our Clients with the competitive advantages
necessary to help achieve and maintain the highest level of Customer Service and Quality. Our experienced Shoppers
are qualified to provide consistent, thorough and objective data collection. Our schedulers, editors and Account
Managers ensure that Client data and reports are comprehensive and received in a timely manner.

To learn more, click here or on the Contact Us button in the navigation bar.

Integrity Consultants provides detailed, personalized assistance for all of our Shoppers. We focus on accuracy,
objectivity, clarity, timeliness and anonymity.

Our Shoppers must be able to not only collect data but report and record that data in a legible, logical, consistent and
timely manner. If any of our Shoppers fails to meet our high standards of quality, that shopper will be removed from the

Our Recruiting, Scheduling, Editing and Account Management staff provides support to every Shopper in a personalized,
case by case manner. Our doors are always open, and we are willing and able to assist you in achieving the excellence
is Integrity Consultants.

To learn more about becoming a Shopper, click here or on the Register button in the navigation bar.
Integrity Consultants, L.L.C.
Mystery Shopping and Market Research Professionals
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We have received reports from various sources that an individual, group of individuals, or business is posing as Integrity
and is sending substantial checks in the mail along with a letter with our company name on it. They ask you
to deposit the check into a regular bank account, stating that the funds will be available in 12-24 hours. Then they instruct
you to deduct your participation fee and withdraw the balance in order to complete their "generated assignment" which is to
wire the funds from Western Union to someone in a foreign country.

WARNING! Do NOT deposit or cash these checks! These "Acceptance Letters" and checks are False! They will bounce
and you will be out any money that your send them.

Here is one example of this scam:

Check Amount: $1,999.80
Address: 400 Chesterfield Center, Chesterfield, MO 63017
Tel: (314) 732-1310 Fax: (314) 877-8413

Again, this is a scam.
Do not deposit or try to cash the checks! Do not send them any money!

If you have any further information about this scam, please forward any and all information you have to us so we can assist
the various law enforcement agencies and the BBB in stopping this type of fraud.

Here are some links to more information about scams like this one. Most of the large, reputable, legitimate mystery
shopping companies are being targeted; using our good reputations to defraud honest, hard-working people.

Remember, Integrity Consultants, WILL NEVER send a job to you via regular mail. We will only contact you via email or
If you do receive a letter in the mail claiming to be Integrity Consultants (possibly with a realistic looking logo)
and asking you to mystery shop by cashing a large check, DO NOT CASH OR DEPOSIT THE CHECK! They WILL
BOUNCE! Do NOT go to their website, or email them! Most importantly,

Here is an example of one of the fraudulent letters and checks:
Integrity Consultants is a Saint Louis area based market research and competitive intelligence firm implementing a
variety of solutions throughout the United States and Canada.

Service offerings include mystery shopping, video shopping, competitor research, web based surveys, focus groups,
pricing studies, operational and compliance audits, merchandising, and in-store demonstration services to a variance
of retail, professional and service industries, including automotive, banking and financial services, entertainment and
gaming, grocery and convenience, government and civil service, education, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, real
estate, retail and specialty stores, and travel and tourism.

All data reporting is facilitated online, and our team is acutely skilled at questionnaire design and project development.
Our company utilizes a versatile reporting platform known for adept precision, and our staff is well-versed in all aspects
of data collection, Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM.)

In addition to serving numerous B2C and B2B industries, we are also the provider of choice among fellow service
providers. The first and only company of its kind,
Integrity Consultants is a full-service, specialty service provider,
offering a variety of niche services, as well as turn-key project management and logistics support to our colleagues and
competitors. As true subject matter specialists and erudite industry leaders, we are proud to be known as, "The Mystery
Shopping Company's Mystery Shopping Company™" since 2009.
408 Laurel Oak Lane
Pacific, MO 63069-5705
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Kelly Truelove
President, CEO

Office: (636) 451-6132
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